The Paperless Classroom with Special Guest Nicholas Provenzano

On Thursday, July 24, #BYOTchat is thrilled to have Nicholas Provenzano as our guest moderator. Our topic for discussion will be the paperless classroom. Please join us at 9PM ET.

Nick is a popular keynote speaker, blogger, author, and professional development consultant. His popular blog entitle The Nerdy Teacher ( offers a great of useful information for all educators. He is the author of “The Beginner’s Guide to Using Evernote On the iPad” (available in iTunes) and “The Complete Guide to Evernote in Education” (available in Amazon). If you’re not already, you should follow Nick on Twitter at @thenerdyteacher.

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Best Practices of BYOT in Elementary School Through Higher Education

On Thursday, July 17 #BYOTchat will discuss best practices of BYOT by grade level. We will divide our one-hour session into 15-minute sections to cover the best practices in using BYOT in the following grade levels.

  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Higher Education

In using BYOT, each grade level has their own idiosyncrasies and challenges.  Join us at 9:00 PM ET on Thursday, July 17  to discuss best practices of BYOT by grade level.

Share what you learned at ISTE2014

Educational Twitter chats are all about sharing, and this week we invite you to share with us what you learned at ISTE2014.  If you didn’t get the opportunity to attend, join us anyway and learn from those who attended.

A special invite to all my colleagues who participated in #noatiste14 on Twitter.  Please join us and share with us what you learned by following #ISTE2014 and #notatiste14.

Join #BYOTchat at 9PM ET on Thursday, July 10 for our #ISTE2014 / #notatiste14 sharefest!

Happy 4th of July!

#BYOTchat will taking a mini vacation this week.  Our next chat will be on Thursday, July 10.  We have some terrific chats lined up.

  • Nicholas Provenzano @thenerdyteacher will join us on Thursday, July 24 to discuss the paperless classroom.
  • Tricia Fuglestad @fuglefun will join us on Thursday, August 7th to discuss putting #STEAM into #STEM
  • Daniel Pink @DanielPink will join us to discuss his book “A Whole New Mind” [Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future]

As always, please continue to use #BYOTchat to share information, ask/answer questions, and to make connections. Thank you for making #BYOTchat an engaging learning experience!

Tips & Tricks on How to Give a Great Presentation to a Connected Audience

small__10318257005This week, #BYOTchat will discuss presentations. Regardless if it’s a student giving a presentation in front of a class, or professional speaker giving presentations at a conference, the art of giving a great presentation has dramatically changed within the last 10 years.


  • What makes or break a presentation?
  • How do you (or your students) prepare for giving a presentation?
  • How can a presenter (classroom or conference) use mobile technology to connect with their audience?
  • What are your presentation tips and tricks?
  • Presentation tool smack-down – What tools to use?

Please join the #BYOTchat PLN at 9:00 PM ET on Thursday, June 26 to share with us your tips and tricks in giving great presentations.

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Make it Real: Creating Relevant Lessons

“When will I need to know this in real life?”

Teachers have been asked that question for generations Recently, addressing relevance in education has become more often debated topic. How do our schools prepare students for jobs, that have yet to be created, and keep their curriculum relevant? Can schools become overly concerned about making education relevant? How can teachers make their lessons more relevant?

Join #BYOTchat at 9:00 PM ET on Thursday, June 19 to discuss “Make it Real: Creating Relevant Lessons.”


The Effects of BYOT on School Culture

“The term school culture generally refers to the beliefs, perceptions, relationships, attitudes, and written and unwritten rules that shape and influence every aspect of how a school functions”  - Douglas Reeves, Leading to Change / How Do You Change School Culture?

A healthy and vibrant school culture is what many consider a major cornerstone for a successful school. While it is easy to recognize that a healthy and vibrant school culture promotes success, it is difficult to define, analyze, and change it.

Join the #BYOTchat PLN at 9:00 PM on Thursday, June 12 to discuss the effects of BYOT on school culture.

Managing Student Workflow in a BYOT Classroom with Scott Gaglione

This week,  #BYOTchat welcomes Scott Gaglione (@Sgaglione) as guest moderator to discuss managing student workflow in a BYOT classroom. Please join Scott and the  #BYOTchat PLN at 9:00 PM ET on Thursday, June 5 to discuss student workflow.

One of the greatest challenges that I faced in a BYOT classroom was managing my students’ workflow.  While they were creating great presentations, and similar pieces of work, it was always challenging to get the work from their device to me.  (Keep in mind that I taught 4th grade, and my student’s did not have email.)  This week’s #BYOTchat will explore the area of managing student workflow and identify ways that we can better support teachers and students managing the workflow process.  Here is a link to the questions-

Scott Gaglione
Instructional Technology Specialist
Cumming Elementary

Successful people listen with the goal of understanding, not responding.”
 -Steve Keating-

Building the Student Teacher Relationship with JD Ferries-Rowe

Friend of the chat and frequent participator was selected as The Journals’ May Innovator of the Month.JD Ferries-Rowe is the CIO of the Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School in Indianapolis. Check out the video of JD talking about building the Student/Teacher relationship and the tools that help. Join Us Thursday night @ 9pm EST to discuss.Top3_for_blog


Embracing Your Summer Learning with BYOT

For many, summer is a time to recharge your batteries. It is a great to learning about new ideas, go to conferences, and experiment. Learn about what everyone is going to try while the kids are away. Join us at 9:00 pm for a discussion on your summer learning plans in #byotchat